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An elegant aristocrat


An elegant combination of Brda rebula and fruit chardonnay with rich notes of long-lasting ripening on yeasts.

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Tasting notes

Cuvée with a strong predominance of Brda yellow rebula. Sophisticated, with rich notes of ripe fruit, plums and nectarines. The signature of our wine house among the vintage sparkling wines.

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The color is a gentle golden yellow with golden reflections. Long-lasting foaming and very durable foam.

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On the nose it is tender, fresh and fruity, filled with the scents of pear, golden

apples, peaches, hazelnuts and fresh almonds.

Secondary scents reveal an even greater spectrum, such as notes on bread crust.

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Wide and harmonious taste, accompanied by exceptional minerality.

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Sparkling wine suitable for aperitifs or as a stand-alone sparkling wine for accompaniment

the whole lunch or dinner. It goes well with light cold appetizers,

such as fresh oysters or to first dishes such as shrimp risotto.

Serving temperature: 5 ° C

Varietal composition & Blend

Cuvee Brut_store.jpg
  • 30% Yellow Rebula from the vineyard Muško, altitude 180 m, orientation to the southwest, age of the vines 45 years

  • 30% Yellow Rebula from the vineyard Gmajna, altitude 200 m, orientation to the southwest, age of vines 20 years

  • 40% Chardonnay from the vineyard Male, altitude 180 m, orientation to the southwest, age of vines 45 years

  • Liqueur dosage: 10 ml

  • Dosage of sugar: 4 g / ml

  • Vinification after the first fermentation in steel tanks

  • Maturation on yeasts: 48 months

  • Age potential: 2 to 4 years (Bottle, 0.75l)


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