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Harmony and balance

Balance and harmony merge into one. Blend consists of pure rebula obtained from the best locations of Šmartno and Kozana. An ideal sparkling wine, for celebrations on any occasion. Exceptional both as an aperitif and for the whole meal.

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Tasting notes

Golden yellow with delicate golden reflections. Distinct foaming with persistent bubble release. Intense on the nose, with fresh notes of fruit, especially ripe citrus fruits. It tastes elegant with light notes of citrus, pear and a mix of bread crust (brioche). Long, with a very refreshing finish.

Ikona videz.png


With its reflections of golden yellow color, Blanc de Blancs is recognizable by its fineness, slowly growing bubbles and persistent and persistent foaming.

ikona vonj.png

On the scent, maturity is noticeable with a hint of floral freshness, which is expressed by hints of citrus and ripe pears.

Ikona okus.png


Full and balanced taste, with a pleasant freshness and rich aromas and light notes of citrus, pears intertwined with bread crust (brioche).

ikona okus v kozarcu.png


Aperitif sparkling wine and a great accompaniment to seafood and a variety of cold appetizers; sea bass carpaccio or sea bream tartar. It also goes well with the first dishes.


Serving temperature: 5 ° C

Varietal composition & Blend

Blanc de Blancs_store.jpg
  • 50% Rebula from the vineyard Muško, altitude 180 m, orientation to the southwest, age of vines 45 years

  • 30% Yellow Rebula from the vineyard Gmajna, altitude 200 m, orientation to the southwest, age of vines 20 years

  • 20% Yellow Rebula from the Vrh vineyard, altitude 220 m, orientation to the south-east, age of the vines 55 years

  • Liqueur dosage: 10 ml

  • Dosage of sugar: 6 g / ml

  • Vinification after the first fermentation in steel tanks

  • Maturation on yeasts: 36 months

  • Age potential: 2 to 4 years (Bottle, 0.75l)


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