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Silveri - Tadej in Taras Gasparin - penine, klet - Foto Marijan Mocivnik - 4200

Home in Brda since 1710

The story of two families Gašparin and Vuga. The beginnings of the Gašparin family's viticulture date back to 1710, when our great-grandfather, notary Blaž Gašparin, son of the Adam-Gašparin landowner from Šmartno, named a large family estate with several colonial farms in addition to the notary service.

Ever since then, the tradition of viticulture and winemaking has been passed down from generation to generation.

Mirko, Boris, Maruška Gašparin, Silverij, and his son Goran Vuga, our role models, who from an early age began to dedicate themselves to vineyards and wine and transformed them with their tireless work into what Silveri has become today.

Taras and Tadej, on the other hand, brought Silver the desire to experiment and the knowledge we learned during our studies. We are both firmly involved in viticulture, oenology and the endless world of sparkling wine production according to the classic method. Together with our ancient viticultural knowledge, we managed to produce sparkling wines and wines of the highest quality, awarded with some of the most important awards in the wine world.
Today, with the fourth generation at the door, we proudly look to the future and are delighted that Silveri has a solid foundation for the future. It is a story of passion, hard work, enthusiasm, courage and trust.

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Ancient document from 1750.

The document is stored in the Provincial Historical Archive in Gorizia under the signature:

Provincial Historical Archive, Gorizia, Various Series. Notaries and private owners I, b. 75/1, fasc. 1.

Silverij Vuga 1934 - 2006

Silverij Vuga. Our biggest inspiration from the very beginning. He has been involved in winemaking all his life. His beginnings with wines date back to his childhood. A great reveler, among other things an important voice in the Brda octet. Always a lover of sparkling wines and bubbles. It was out of this passion that Taras and Tadej continued their journey dedicated to sparkling wines. He left us in 2006.

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